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Research shows that when parents are engaged, students become more active participants in the educational process, which helps mitigate problems, instills better study habits, and addresses issues as they arise – all of which are key factors in academic success. Our PowerSchool’s Parent Portal provides parents/guardians confidential and real time access to their student's information such as attendance and grades. This also allows teachers and parents/guardians to communicate electronically so that information is shared on a regular, timely basis.


Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the PowerSchool Parent Portal, please contact our Bricolage Academy Data Manager, Keione Bastian, at 


FastBridge is one of the tools we use for benchmark assessments and is administered each fall, winter and spring to students as follows:

  • 1:1 assessments

    • Kindergarten – earlyReading Composite Score, Number Identification

    • 1st Grade – earlyReading Composite Score

    • 2nd Grade – CBMreading

  • Computer-Based Assessments

    • Kindergarten – n/a

    • 1st Grade – aMath (winter and spring only), CBMmath-Automaticity

    • 2nd Grade – aReading, aMath, CBMmath-Automaticity


Screening scores provide a data snapshot that is used to support identification of students who are at-risk and in need of interventions and/or enrichment or acceleration. The assessments measure early literacy, early numeracy, and math computation in grades K-2. The results are used to measure learning status and growth within the school year.