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CEO's Message

Bricolage is much more than a place. Bricolage is a community of people; students, families, staff and stakeholders; who are inspired by our vision, driven by our mission and guided by our core values.


I am grateful to serve the Bricolage community as CEO, with the strongest possible emphasis on the word serve as I view my role as CEO as every bit as much a servant of our school community as the leader or it.


I am unwavering on my commitments to our school community and I look forward to working with you to keep them. 

Our Commitments


Commit to our Mission

Establish shared values and vision

Bricolage was founded on a shared commitment to our mission: to advance educational equity by preparing students from diverse backgrounds to be innovators who change the world. Our mission will continue to be central to our work and will serve as a guide for our community engagement and decision making.

Support All Students

Support the academic and social and

emotional needs of all students

ALL of our students will thrive academically and socially at Bricolage. Every staff member will be qualified, trained, and coached to contribute to the success of every child so that every student will access high-quality, innovative learning opportunities every day in every classroom. 

Develop All Staff

Develop talent to maximize

effective teaching and learning 

Our talented and diverse staff is the heart and soul of our school. We commit to implementing consistent, mission-aligned practices for hiring, coaching, and development at all levels of the organization - teachers, staff, and leadership - so that we can attract and retain the team members that our students deserve.

Refine Systems

Build and refine systems to maximize teaching and learning

As Bricolage evolves, we will adapt and improve our operational procedures and policies. We will update our systems related to finance, human resources, and operations, and we will support staff with updated tools for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Practices and policies will be consistent across the organization and clearly communicated.

Celebrate Community

Engage and communicate with families and the community

We will build and deepen partnerships within our school and with our broader community. We will show and celebrate our pride in our school and our students. We commit to proactive, consistent, and clear communication with all members of our school community.

It’s a great time to be a Bricolage Trojan! 

In Service,

Antigua Wilbern

CEO, Bricolage Academy