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Mission & Vision

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Our mission

Bricolage Academy advances educational equity by preparing students from diverse backgrounds to be innovators who change the world.

Our vision

Bricolage Academy envisions a time when public schools serve the needs of all students—when New Orleans is the world’s premier location for public education and is widely recognized as a world-class city for its creative, cultural and economic leadership.

Advancing equity

We believe education should be fair and impartial—all children deserve the same educational opportunities and expectations. All children, regardless of socioeconomic status, are entitled to a quality education. Moreover, at Bricolage we believe such educational equity requires students of all backgrounds to be educated together.

We believe everyone should learn from experiences and perspectives that differ from their own. That’s why we actively attract, recruit and maintain a diverse student body. As our country continues to diversify and our world becomes more interconnected, it will be essential to value, compete with and cooperate with people from various backgrounds. By making diversity a reality for children, we prepare them for an adulthood where diversity is the norm.

Creating innovators

We believe innovation is central to education. To us, innovation means creative problem solving. We embed it throughout our curriculum. Our teachers and staff practice innovation, rapid iteration and a ‘design thinking’ process in everything we do. We’re always looking for new ways to improve something or address challenges. All Bricolage students, even as young as kindergartners, participate in a co-curricular innovation class focused on design, engineering and creativity.