Ms. Louis


About me :)

Ms. Louis currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana working as 4th grade English Language Arts and Social Studies teacher at Bricolage Academy. In this role, Ms. Louis adapts the 4th grade Social Studies and ELA Curriculum for face to face and virtual learning in order to increase student achievement. In the past five years, Ms. Louis has worked across 3 schools and 2 networks to build effective school and community partnerships by spearheading events Career Day, Parent Teacher Associations, and launching a Black History Month Scavenger Hunt for the city. Ms. Louis attends Xavier University where she is a projected Spring 2021 graduate with a degree in Educational Leadership.
As a product of New Orleans schools, Ms. Louis' commitment to education rests in her belief that equitable education can provide the tools to alleviate rampant poverty, high mortality rates, and create a better standard of living for Black and Brown children in the city. In order to do this, she marries her life in the classroom with additional opportunities to increase her understanding around these issues in order to better advocate for her community. After graduating from Xavier, she plans to continue her work as a public servant by training more novice teachers in hopes to increase teacher attrition in New Orleans.

Editing our work!
In fourth grade we believe that to become strong writers we must edit our own work. Here a Golden Gecko is using her criteria for success to create her own narrative story. 
Morning Meeting Work
It's imperative that all students operate in the world in a way that allows them to critically think and assess the systems around them. Here, two Lambos analyze a political cartoon in order to understand the difference between equity, equality, and justice.